Quick Pulse

Clear 4 or 5 of your issues in a single session with a Quick Pulse method!

Quick PulseTM is a very efficient and powerful technique for self-transformation as a way to clear anything you want to change in your life. This technique has helped change the lives of thousands of people around the world. Those who use it have found that it helps them to expand awareness, support health, increase abundance, improve relationships, clear personality problems, overcome phobias, lose weight, improve self-esteem and create a better and happier life.

This is one of the therapeutic methods of the Quantum Energy Disciplines developed more than 15 years, as a new branch of energy medicine, by a spiritual teacher Jo Dunning. For energy healing, this technique uses Source energy (i.e. universal life force). When using this technique, the practitioner has learned to connect with the Source in a unique way that encourages and facilitates changes in those areas where the client would like to see improvements in his or her life.

At a Quick PulseTM session, you just focus on anything you want to be different in your life, what you do not like or what limits you – while the practitioner starts the energy in a specific way. The energy clears all the negative feelings and thoughts in connection with a problem and frees up the space for what you really want. All negative patterns about a situation will be cleared, and soon afterwards, new solutions and perspectives come in unexpected ways.

This technique can be applied to anything in your life, to your physical, emotional and mental state, circumstances of life, health, finance, money, job, your beliefs about yourself and life, personal relationships and everything that you would like to be different including everyday problems, as well as trauma and problems that originate in childhood.

How does a session look like:

The clearing process for an issue takes 2-3 minutes allowing to clear 4 -5 issues at a typical half-hour session. During the process, the client and the practitioner sit in silence, while the practitioner starts the energy and the client focuses on his/her issue. The client receives instructions on what to focus during the process.

After the session (depending on the complexity of the problem), the energy that was started during the process lasts for days, weeks and months, and clears everything related to the issue, until it comes to the cause of the problem which is then also cleared.

What is also an advantage of this process is that the client does not have to disclose what he or she wants to clear (it is sufficient to focus silently on it in the process) and has the needed discretion.

Treatments typically last half an hour and are done over skype.

Bring your list of 4-5 things you want to change in your life at your session!

Price: 95 $


“I am also a very sensitive healer and with the healing work that Katarina did was expansive in a way. As I was focusing on what I wanted to let go of, I could feel where the energy was going and coming out of, for example my solar plexus chakra. It was interesting that the more I focus, the more it float and faded away and I felt peaceful. Katarina has a unique way of really zapping out these beliefs that you have stored in you. I would highly recommend her.”
Angela XM

“In was having some major unplanned financial expenditures and I can only say I am no longer worried about how to achieve it, I somehow know that I’ll find a way. Before, I used to feel great anxiety and fear, and now I don’t have any negative emotions regarding money – I began making plans how to reallocate my funds and to pay my debt off and I am doing a finance plan without the feeling of fear or worry. I like the peace that I am feeling after the session.”
Renata S.

“A day after the session, I felt a driving energy and managed to organise myself and do tings I procrastinated about for a long time.”
Ines M.

“It is hard to describe in words what is happening – everything somehow settled down. The next day I noticed some significant changes related to my unhealthy feelings so to speak. A lot has cleared. Events are clearer, there is no more drama. I can’t say there are no emotions – but there is no more emphasised drama that used to exhaust me relentlessly. I experience and enter life situations with peace. Answers to my dilemmas come more easily. I have a feeling that in a difficult situation, I can distance myself from it and go through it with more ease (without a drama).”
Julie K.