Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is a an empowering psycho-spiritual modality and a consciousness process which allows you to work with various parts of your personality or your subpersonality. It is based on the Psychology of Selves (internal Selves) in which your psyche is viewed as being composed of various parts, aspects or voices. It allows you to explore your personality, your reactions and unconscious patterns and it increases your ability to navigate your internal world and to center yourself in the core essence of you. The voice dialogue is held from the position of Aware Ego, place inside of you that allows you to make conscious choices, raise your awareness and self-knowledge, heal immature, conflicting and wounded parts of your personality, find emotional balance and align with your core essence.

If you look at your psyche, you can recognise you have different parts of yourself. There may be a happy and outgoing part of your personality, there may be a creative or an ambitious one etc…. You can also recognise you have sides of your personalities that are fearful, in doubt, stuck, feeling limited or feel low-confidence, a people pleaser, an inner critic, the judge, the perfectionist, the sceptic and so on, to name just a few. Voice dialogue allows you to access all of these persona inside of you, have a focused conversation with each of them and helping them express, heal and gently transform.

Benefits of Voice Dialogue:

·       process for increasing self-awareness and raising your level of consciousness

·       bringing more understanding to which parts of your personality run your life

·       strengthening the power of your conscious choices and what choices in life serve you best; easier decision making

·       integrating different parts of your personality, included misaligned ones

·       drawing on your internal wisdom

·       healing wounded parts of personality and gently helping them to heal

·       creating more clarity about any issues you’re struggling in your life

·       increasing your ability to be centred in your core essence

·       finding more emotional balance

·       exploring personality patterns, reactions and defences

·       exploring your subconscious mind

·       inner child work

·       work with disowned, suppressed or unconscious parts

·       understanding your relationships, bonding patterns and attachment style

How does a session look like:

At the beginning of the session, you briefly discuss with your facilitator, from the place of Aware Ego, what part of personality you want to work with.

In a typical session, the client chooses a part of personality they want to work with. The session starts from the position of Aware Ego, but the client then moves to another physical position (it can be just a few inches away) to access this particular part of personality and its energy. A focus conversation is held with this part of client’s psyche to explore what it feels, thinks and how it operates. At the end of the session, the client returns to the original position for a short debriefing.

Voice dialogue sessions are conducted via skype and typically last about 60 minutes.

Price: 95 $



With voice dialog, those parts of yourself that you thought were only safe to let out inside of your own head, are finally given the space to be expressed and even welcomed by another. Its a place to be heard without struggle and understood with compassion.

Voice dialog sessions with Katarina have helped me to finally feel safe having someone else witness my most emotionally intimate expressions with care, togetherness and acceptance. Its different than regular talk therapy. Its far more intimate in my opinion and can be incredibly effective. When Katarina was able to see how I feel and for it to be more than ok, and for her to help me understand my own motivations too, I felt profound catharsis and a willingness to let go of the struggle. This opened the way to new perspective and new possibility.

I highly recommend voice dialog and I highly recommend Katarina as a facilitator. She is a gentle and loving guide who is committed to helping people discover and make good on their own potential.