Divine Feminine Awakening


Do you have difficulties fulfilling your goals, do you often feel you lack support, direction or purpose in life? Do you feel you lack the level of confidence or a sense of empowerment to take you to the next step on your path?

Do you find you are very empathic and sensitive and constantly absorb other people’s energies? Do you find it hard to fulfil your needs and feel complete and whole?

The 8-week Divine Feminine Awakening course will help you in balancing male and female energies so that you can restore your sense of wholeness, access your inner resources to empower yourself and embody the essence of your divine feminine.

The focus of the course is working with the frequency of divine feminine, the source  field of love and light, exploring the divine feminine and divine masculine energies and discerning which of those have been distorted, wounded or unbalanced and bringing forth healing, balance and wholeness on all levels.

MODULE 1 – Restore your Authentic Self

Restoring your authentic self by purifying your energetic space. Creating an inner sanctuary and learning to clear your space so that your authentic qualities can shine and come forth. Learning to nurture and care for your emotional and soul needs.

Receive 5 powerful energetic activations to clear your space, energy bodies, chakras, aura and emotions and to release energetic patterns you carry within you.
You will receive an attunement to a powerful command for clearing your energetic space that you can activate at any time with a single word.

MODULE 2 – Healing the Wounded/Negative Feminine and negative archetypes

This class will focus on releasing the negative archetypes, the wounded feminine and negative divine feminine attributes such as hopelessness, powerlessness, victim consciousness, neediness or lack of self-confidence, poor energetic boundaries, inconsistency and lack of assertion. You will release passivity, as well as vulnerabilities that keep you stuck from taking appropriate action in your own divine timing.

MODULE 3 – Healing Divine Masculine

Third week will focus on healing the negative masculine attributes such as impatience, anger, frustration, negative inner dialogue and the patterns of conflict, control, judgement, criticism, perfectionism and doubt. You will learn how to partner with your divine masculine to support you, give you self-confidence and the direction you need. By releasing putting in too much effort, control and push-pull patterns you will be empowered to walk your path with more ease, joy and lightness.

MODULE 4 – Reclaiming your Power

In this module, you will begin to reclaim more of your authentic power. Through several powerful processes, such as soul retrieval, we will restore back inner resources you have lost and the parts of your personality and soul that have been fragmented so that you can feel whole and empowered again. You will learn how to become the orchestrator of your life and to strengthen your intent and power. Your will receive several powerful attunements, including inner strength, self-expression and following your own truth.

MODULE 5 – Healing your relationships

Week 5 will focus on relationships, from your relationship with yourself to your relationship with others. We will explore your patterns of giving and receiving and look into balancing it. You will receive 3 powerful activations for healing your heart (Deep heart healing; Activating Higher Heart and Connecting Heart and Mind) and will also learn an invaluable tool to manage your energetic boundaries which will allow you to stay in your own space and clarity. Your will also learn a powerful, yet simple process for healing your own relationships and balancing out any negative patterns that may be at play.

MODULE 6 – Healing the Elements and 3 female power centers

Module 6 is devoted to healing the elements and 3 female power centers: creativity, love and inspiration.

We are all made of elements and elements ultimately relate to our various psychological functions: we will look into how you express your earth element (connection, surrender, embodiment and manifestation), your water element (emotions and passion), air (self-expression and communication) and fire (inspiration and spirit connection). You will also receive 3 powerful energetic activations to boost your power centers; creativity activation, inspiration activation and self-love activation.

MODULE 7 – Align to your Divine Feminine Essence

In this module, we will do several powerful energetic processes that will align your energetically with your divine feminine blueprint. You will receive an attunement of Divine Will and a full connection to Source energy, as well as an Alignment to your Divine Self. You’ll be also guided to connect to your higher self and awaken your soul and receive higher guidance for yourself and your life.

MODULE 8 – Embody Your Essence

In the last live class, you will learn how to reconnect with Divine Feminine Wave and how to embody your essence. You will learn how to tap into the energy of limitless possibilities and miracles and magic and will receive powerful activations with Divine Feminine energy, Goddesses Isis and Hathor.

In the final ceremony, your divine feminine and masculine will be united in inner sacred marriage which will enable you to feel fully balanced and in inner harmony.

Price: $399