Divine Expansion 3


Level 3 is an 8-week course that  focuses on opening up to your Multidimensional Self through soul consciousness and embodying your soul. You will learn to connect more fully with your soul and embody its frequency through different activations and guided journeys. Work with key Ascension energies and various Ascension tools for accelerating your growth.



  • Spiritual contracts, 20 different types of spiritual contracts. Soul contracts clearing
  • Clearing chakra vows – 7 chakra vows clearing activations
  • Threefold heart flame; entering into the sacred heart chamber
  • Clearing karmic energies
  • Clearing soul traumas and 7 basic soul wounds
  • Clearing collective male and female energies
  • Earth Star chakra and embodying your spiritual essence
  • Activating your Soul Star chakra
  • Working with the seat of your Soul – anchor soul energy into your body
  • Soul restructuring; clearing soul extensions
  • Soul awakening: guided journeys to travel to the dimension of soul, to meet your soul, merge with your soul
  • Collapsing lower timelines and connecting to higher timelines
  • Permanent seed atom – seed of consciousness
  • Light body activation
  • Tree of life and your Divine Template
  • Merkaba activation
  • Multidimensional self activation
  • Soul integration and anchoring your higher dimensional aspects
  • Introduction to higher chakras: soma, causal and alta major chakra
  • Activating 4D chakras
  • Merging with your 5D and activating 5D chakras
  • Enlightenment activation
  • Sacred crystal heart; galactic chakra
  • DNA 84 strands activation

You will receive additional 40 activations and around 10 guided journeys.

Price for Level 3 is $699.