Expand your Spiritual Gifts


WEEK 1 – Healing blocks to your gifts

First week is all about clearing deep spiritual blocks to expanding your energy field, your vibration and frequency, as well as your consciousness. Clearing includes releasing chakra blocks, auric attachments, split between lower and higher energy bodies, clearing Jehovian seals, dead matrix energy or false light, as well as imposed or self-imposed beliefs and limitations  which all prevent you to heal and activate your healing or psychic abilities. We will also unplug from the 3D matrix energy so that you can plug into source, higher consciousness and higher mind and unravel your gifts.

After clearing, we will prepare our energetic structure for activating our gifts by recalibrating our brain and our entire nervous system as conduits of energy, as well as our etheric field  to hold higher vibrations needed to increase your gifts and upgrade to 5D energies.


WEEK 2 – Align to Source and 5D

 In the second week, you will receive a clearing of all energetic pathways in all your energy bodies so that you can reconnect to  all aspects of your being, from 3D self, to your soul, monad, higher self through to Godhead and will be fully connected to the Source.

Your energy field and aura will be calibrated to align to your 5th dimensional self and to activate your life purpose energetically. As a result of this connection, you will feel more peaceful, more spiritually connected, more present and more powerful and more fulfilled.


WEEK 3 – Embody your Soul Consciousness  

Our heart are the pathway to our Soul, so in this week’s session, we will be rewiring our heart to embody soul energies. Our hearts will be healed, cleansed and strengthenend and we will alsa activate Higher Heart Chakra as a catalist for Higher Consciuosness.

In order to hold more energy and light and to be able to hold more powerful spiritual gifts, your energy system needs to be rewired by upgrading your DNA as hardware to conduit soul energy and consiousness. Receive a powerful DNA activation and several energetic transmissions to increase your capacity to hold more light and to increase your light quotient. This is an important aspect of expanding your gifts as these can expand in as much as your energy expands.

You will receive a simple process to continue Expanding your Heart and Embody your Soul Consciousness  that you can use on a day to day basis to continue growing and expanding after the course is finished.


WEEK 4 – Activate your gifts, open your clairs and enhance your intuition

In the last week, we will be activating your gifts and opening your clairs with the help of crystal frequencies and powerful plant spirit teachers.  Strengthen your relationship to the spirit, enhance your intuition, open your 3rd eye, increase your clairs and illuminate your mind through powerful source and 9D energy transmissions.

You will also receive a powerful energetic process to connect to your Higher Consciousness and for receiving energy downloads from your Higher Self.


BONUS ($145 value)

Expand chakra gifts with Solfeggio Frequencies and Sacred Geometry

When signing up, you will receive a recording of 7 tracks to expand your chakra gifts with Sollfegio frequencies and Sacred Geometry

Chakra 1: Gift of connection, trust and resourcefulness

396 Hz – Liberation of lower vibrations and connection

Chakra 2: Gift of flow, creativity and fulfilment

417 Hz – Resolution to situations, facilitating change

Chakra 3: Gift of power, confidence and inspired action

528 Hz – Brings transformation, miracles and DNA repair

Chakra 4: Gift of love, playfulness and receiving

639 Hz – Expands love, relationships and connection to spiritual family

Chakra 5: Gift of truth, creativity and self-expression

741 Hz – Facilitates expression of your true self, expands your creativity

Chakra 6: Gift of clarity, inuition, imagination and inspiration

852 Hz – Awakens your intuition, return to spiritual order

Chakra 7: Gift of discernment, wisdom, divine guidance and spiritual connection

963 Hz – Connect with light and spirit, awaken divine blueprint


There will be 4 live classes (60-90 min. long) on zoom, starting on 18 March at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK time (time may vary 1 hour +/- due to March daylight savings time shift, you will receive exact time prior to the course start).

You will receive recording of all live classes.

Price: one time payment of $ 444