Have you discovered your spiritual gifts

Do you ever wonder what your spiritual gifts are? There are people of course who are in tune to their gifts, but for so many, it’s a road to be traveled, explored… and discovered.

We all have outer and inner parts of our being. Our outer parts, which is our personality, often sometimes stand in the way and the only way to discover our gifts is to work through all the denser energies which dim the light beneath.

On a cloudy day, it’s impossible to see the sun, right? It doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there, we just can’t see it. The same is with us. Our personality energy is like a fog covering the inner light. Even if you have moments of glimpses of what your gifts are, if your fears, self-doubt, lack of self-trust, or whatever other negative patterns you have, are covering it, the only way to your gifts is to relentlessly work on yourself and clear what needs to be released.

The good news is that not all of it has to be cleared, but sufficiently, so that the personality layer becomes transparent enough for your inner light to shine through.

The road usually starts by uncovering who you are not, so that you can then realise who you are. This is so, because everyone have been programmed and conditioned in the childhood when certain behaviours, as well as emotional and mental patterns were established. We can tell ourselves consciously today that we are very well aware how this is not who we are, but the child we once were is still living in us and believing it. The difficulty today to let go of such false beliefs only shows that our inner child and its subconscious beliefs are still more prevalent in us that what we may think on a conscious level.

There is much inner transformational work that can be done to propel us toward our inner gifts and talents. But, you’ll be sure you’re well on your way when you can easily detach from any of your persona traits and consciously choose to identify with deeper subtler energies emanating from your core.

The thing is that behind our every negative emotion or thought, there is an underlying intention. We don’t recognise it, but there is. There is an intention behind fear, behind self-doubt, behind being stuck, behind procrastination, behind depression – a negative intention weighing you down in the opposite direction of what you want consciously. So, that’s a clear indication that still lots need to be shifted and transformed. How do you know that you have cleared sufficient negative energies to start shining your core essence and its gifts? It’s when you can clearly move from one state of consciousness to another, when you don’t stay angry, sad, depressed or confused over longer periods of times, but when you are transparent to yourself and able to process your own stuff quickly move on.