Arcturian Light Healing


4 week Practitioner course

 The Arcturians are Divine Galactic beings who are Master Healers and are actively partnering with humanity to bring more advanced healing and light technologies to Earth. Arcturian Healing Frequencies can be used for:

– Connecting you more fully to your Life Path and expression of your Divine Gifts

– Helping you integrate your life on planet Earth if you are a Starseed

– Amplification of other healing techniques you may use

– Physical, Emotional and Mental Healing

– Minimizing the Mind or Ego and Strengthening the perspective of your Soul, or Multidimensional Self – Strengthening your intuition and insight

– Increasing your Abundance and Expansion of business, career or financial success


Join me on Level 1 class to master this wonderful modality and the amazing healing frequencies of Arcturians and powerful dragon energies.

In this 2-hour class:

  • Receive an Attunement to the Arcturian Light Healing frequencies
  • Be attuned and receive your own personal Arcturian guide (all the healing is done directly by your guide once you’re attuned to)
  • Receive a power symbol to transmit light frequencies during Arcturian healing
  • Amplify your intuition with the Arcturian Clairs Activation
  • Give and receive a healing during the class
  • Receive Certification as a Level 1 Practitioner of Arcturian Light Healing

The live class on zoom is followd by a 3-week period where you will receive 12 additional activations every 2-3 days, each strengthening your connection to your Arcturian guides, amplifying your gifts and healing abilities.

The Arcturian White Dragon Energy – assists you to connect to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energy and restore balance and your own sovereignty and power.

– The Arcturian Orange Dragon Energy – helps you to connect you to joy, creativity and happiness and allows them to flow freely in your life.

– The Arcturian Pink Dragon Energy – connects  you more fully with yourself, allowing you to love who you are and accept where you are

– The Arcturian Red Dragon Energy – activates strenght, vitality, passion, motivation and drive and helps release inaction, inertia and lack of energy

– The Arcturian Purple Dragon Energy – this activation assists you to improve and  heal relationships with others, brings in more discernment and harmony within relationships.

– The Arcturian Golden Dragon Energy – connects you to the prospertiy, abundance and resourcefullness. Release lack and limitation and feel empowered and derserving of abundance.

– The Arcturian Blue Dragon Energy – strengthens your intuition, increases clarity and  Trust.

– The Arcturian Green Dragon Energy– brings general healing energy and helps restore balance and well-being on all levels of your being.

– The Arcturian Brown Dragon Energy– acts as a catalyst for Earth and our connection with it and reconnects you to your own purpose here on Earth.

– The Arcturian Black Dragon Energy– helps in raising awareness and releasing your own shadow

– The Arcturian Yellow Dragon Energy – assist you in relasing fears, worry and anxiety and provides a sense of protection

– The Arcturian Amber Dragon Energy – helps release past life issues


Upon completion, you will be certified as Level 1 Arcturain Light Healing Practitoner and will be able to offer Arcturian healing to yourself, your family or clients.


Live class  is held on zoom (if you can’t attend live, there will be a recording) and the remaining 10 activations are delivered in a FB group.

Price: $ 179