Divine Expansion 2


8-week Certified Practitioner Course

Release Lower Mind and Access Higher Consciousness

Level 2 is a continuation from Level 1 Divine Expansion Practitioner Course with a special focus on releasing and healing the lower mind and accessing higher mind, higher consciousness and 5th dimensional energy and light.

By progressing through the course, you will be releasing parts of your own fragmented mind so as to embrace higher and higher levels of your own consciousness, activate your DNA, connect to higher self, align to Source energy, increase light quotient and 5th dimensional light for healing, growth and expansion.

The course contains 50 different energetic activations, visualisations and powerful processes that you will be able to use for your own personal expansion, as well as in your work with clients.

Receive powerful energetic upgrades and uplift your energy field to 5D. All of the energetic activations work with source energy and clear many energetic interferences, negative influences, programs, implants and frequency fences that fragment our mind, heart, body, soul and lower energy bodies which then keep us in 3D reality and prevent us from accessing higher consciuosness and higher dimensions.

As many of our mind and body fragmentation is occurring at higher spiritual levels, these energetic activations and clearings work at a very high soul and spirit level, as well as with your own Higher Self and Monad to amplify your healing, growth and transformation and at the same time uplift your energy vibration to that of your soul, higher self and Monad.


Understand dimensions: 3D, 4D and 5D and navigate the shift more easily
Activation of the frequency of truth
Be an energetic sponge and integrate higher energies more easily
Importance of disconnecting from lower Astral and its mind control
Connection between Nadial structure and Astral body
Clearing Astral Body
Astral helaing and removing astral objects from aura


Clearing your Etheric body
Clearing your Emotional body
Clearing your Mental body
Clearing higher energy bodies: ketheric, celestial and causal body
From ego to soul: what is ego, clearing ego filters and ego houses, developing positive ego
Exiting the matrix, dissolving polarities, total recall of 3D structures


Clearing your ego – continue
Clearing the Inner Skeptic
Clearing the Inner Critic
Clearing the Inner Judge
Clearing the Inner Controller
Clearing the Inner Perfectionist
Quieting the mind and activation of detachment
Developing your Observer Self
Dialogue with Lower Self and Higher Self


Healing Inner child and supbersonalities and their patterns
Defence mechanisms and basic needs
Inner Child meditation
Inner child activation
Age regression
Deep heart healing


Clearing etheric crystals
Clearing Nephilim consciousness
Removing veils of separaton
Higher Heart activation
Connect your Heart and Mind
Expanding Heart space through electromagnetic field of the heart


Deep clearing od central energy channel
Expanding your central energy channel
Increase light quotient
Hara line and your life purpose activation
Axiatonal alignment
Source alignment
Divine connection and grace
Unity consciousness activation


Nadial complex and DNA
How DNA has been suppressed
Etheric and nadial upgrade
12 DNA activation
Balance male and female energies
Clearing pineal and pituitary gland
Divine union – Sacred marriage of the pineal and pituitary gland


24 DNA strands activation
Open your intuition, higher perception and higher senses
Connect to your higher self and receive insights
Quantum upgrade from your Higher Self
Illuminate your Mind and connect to Divine Mind

Price: $599


I participated in Level 2 Divine Expansion Program. I have to say I am THRILLED with how much I am loving the energy and LOVE bringing the frequencies to friends, family and clients. One of my most favourite thing is how quick the activations and clearings are. I’ve experienced Arcturian frequencies through different modalities and I also LOVE that the energy is transmitted over 30 days. The Arcturian energy is incredible but can feel very intense and overwhelming for those not yet use to their vibrations so through these sessions the physical body is able to integrate the frequencies with ease and flow. Katarina’s guidance is fully supportive and direct – which I love. If this is something you’ve been considering I highly recommend you do not hesitate the next time she offers the program. It is easy, accessible and you can go at your own pace and even in your own order so do what calls you most in the moment and there is no pressure! Anyone can make this fit and work into their life for their highest journey or to help others achieve theirs!

Deanne Franklin Bingleman, Canada

“I am so glad I decided to continue onto level 2 of Katarina’s Divine Expansion modality. The modality is easy to use and flexibly blends with other modalities I work with. It contains numerous powerful higher-level healing activations and tools which continue to bring positive benefit to myself and my clients. Than you for offering this level of training Katarina! ”

Juliet Redwood, UK