MAYAN LIGHT LANGUAGE – Practitioner course

Learn to work with Mayan SACRED GEOMETRY

Mayan Light language is not verbal chanelling of light language like you may have seen. This is a different system and a special one indeed. This body of teachings stems from ancient Mayan and Astecs and from a lineage of Mexican shamans and healers that has been transmitted for hundreds of years, without interruption.

Mayans have long been aware that the entire Universe is made of blocks of light language i.e. different shapes of sacred geometry and colour. They have developped an amazing system to work with these shapes and colours that can improve and enhance any area of your life, from healing to manifesting.

If you wish to become a true manifestor and want to work with light, this course is a must for any eneregy healer and others working with others, such as coaches and therapists.

These teachings consist of 3 levels where you’ll learn to make light language grids to heal and manifest, as well as to emanate light language to yourself and others.



At Level 1, you will learn to use basic shapes and colours that will allow you to  restructure your energy field to provide you with a firm foundation to further work with Light Language.

Working with Level 1 sacred geometry allows you to consciously choose which energies you want to draw to yourself and magnetise, as well as how to shape your activities. This truly enables you to recognise what choices you’ve been making consciously or subconscoiusly and to start choosing what you want to have and keep in your energy space and what you want to let go.

You will learn how to work with light and emanate shapes and colours,  as well as how to make light language grids for yourself and others – to align personal energies (chakras), your home and make grids for healing and manifesting.

You will also learn how to emanate shapes and colours for 62 essences such as abundance, confidence, grace, blessings, love, truth, enthousiasm, happiness, health, leadership etc. These will allow you to change the energy of any situation by infusing it with light and higher frequencies.

Course includes 50-page coloured PDF Manual. Price: $110.




In Level 2, we will work with 6 new additional shapes and 11 new colours. You’ll learn to make light language grids with 49 shapes. Once put in your aura, these grids help in manifesting short-term goals, attract to you specific outcomes or situations and help in healing. You will get additional skills and knowledge, working with light language grids, healing of more than 200 diseases (according to body systems), a glossary of illnesses and key concepts how to use advanced shapes and colours.

Learning to work with Mayan sacred geometry and light will:

  • Assist you in expanding your consciousness
  • Raise your vibration and increase your energetic potential
  • Improve your energy flow
  • Assist in healing
  • Help in manifesting and creating the reality you wish to create
  • Assist in achieving your goals
  • Align you to your highest good
  • Help you become a master of working with light

Course includes 150-page PDF Manual. Price: $385.



Master your use of sacred geometry and working with light and colour and become master of light. You will learn how to make masterful multi-dimensional 144-shape light language grids that will support you for your entire lifetime, allowing you to make significant shifts on your path.

You will learn how to work with 80 new shapes and 144 light colours. These can assist you in manifesting long lasting changes in any situations and on all levels of life.

These energies are so powerful that they can shift illnesses and diseases and you’ll learn advanced ways of working with any phyiscal level disbalance.

With this Advanced level, you can become master of life and consciously work with light to direct your path with light and high vibration.

Course includes 3 PDF Manuals. Price: $1500.