Clear 7 Chakra Vows





In this clearing session, learn more what 7 chakra vows are and receive a powerful clearing of all of your 7 chakra vows, coupled with soul light language clearing for healing and upgrading each of your chakras.

If you have not yet explored spiritual vows that you may be holding in your chakras – they may be affecting everything you do, feel or think. For instance, you may be holding a survival vow or a vow of lack in your root chakra, or celibacy vow in your sacral chakra. Or, it may be a disempowerment vow in your solar plexus.

There may be literally hundreds and hundreds of these vows that we may have made at one point or another, be it past life or even this life. Why do we make those vows in the first place? Usually, it’s a deep promise we give to ourselves which enables us to know how to act and behave in the future.

For instance, if your heart was broken in a past life, you may have made a vow to never love again. Or is someone betrayed you, you may have made a vow to never trust anyone again.

Experience a powerful clearing of all of your 7 chakras and any and all vows that may be hidden and sabotaging you.

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