Healing the Capricorn theme




In this 50 minute webinar recording, we embark on a journey to heal the greatest Capricorn pain points.

Through Arcturian holographic healing, we will release a sense of constriction, limitation or fears and then heal our sense of responsibility, so you neither assume too much or too little, but relieve the burden and have the right portion for you while maintaining your integrity. We will release hardest Capricorn emotions such as uncertainty, doubt, worry and despondency and then go on to heal our relationship to authorities and power figures, from our parents and siblings, to our teachers, role models and institutions.

We will download and anchor most powerful Capricorn qualities of security, integrity, stability, consistency, determination, commitment, wisdom from experience, patience and value of diligent work.

Once these qualities are anchored in and Capricorn’s need for emotional security is fulfilled, we are able to aim for fulfilling our higher spiritual needs, so we will strengthen our relationship to the spirit with a powerful activation to allow our guides to guide and enlighten our path. With the help of spirit, we will release spiritual contracts that no longer serve us and align ourselves energetically to our life purpose.

We will go through a powerful process of unlocking a key to fulfilling your goals. At the end, with the help of 2 Capricorn Angles, Haniel and Azrael, we will activate joy to guide us and bring fulfilment in everything we do and receive a support to have an easy and effortless transition into the next chapter of our lives.

The healing include various 9D Arcturian activations, source healing, angel vibrations and other healing tools.

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