Karmic Release – Healing in the Akashic Records




In this powerful Akashic healing session, we will focus on releasing karmic imprints, energies and karmic debts and more specifically to clear the following:
– Release negative vows and programs that bind you
– Clear mind-enslaving programs that keep you in lower negative beliefs and infuse your mind with clarity, vision and focus
– Release fragmented and splintered negative emotions
– Unplug from the 3D matrix and plug into universal source of supply
– Journey into your Akashic Records to look into what karmic imprints you need to clear with the assistance of your Divine helpers and receive deep Akashic release and healing – you’ll have opportunity to look into 3 different issues
– Releasing judgements and karmic loops that keep you on a hamster wheel with the same issues and patterns recurring in your life and regain a sense of freedom
– Heal relationships with powerful Arcturian purple dragon frequency
– Receive karmic absolution and divine dispensation from the Karmic Board
– Receive powerful crystal frequencies activations infused with karmic stones to clear karmic imprints
– Receive infusion of divine love with Divine Mother’s loving compassion
– Receive infusion of divine light with Sacred Light Purification Attunement
– Download 6 vibrational keys for
  • self-confidence, success, self-love, peace, joy, and abundance

The recording is 60 minutes long.