Reignite your passion and creativity




In this healing webinar, you will be reigniting your passion and creativity with powerful 9D source frequencies, Arcturian healing and angelic vibrations.

We will be healing 5 killers of your creativity and passion:

  • Inner Skeptic
  • Inner Critic
  • Inner Controller
  • Inner Perfectionist
  • Inner Judge

Once you’re able to have a clear, calm and positive mind, unlocking your creativity will be much easier. You will also receive 3 powerful activations, one to Reignite your passion and align to what you truly want and desire at soul level and your life purpose will be activated energetically at the level of hara (5D level of your incarnational purpose), so that you are fully prepared to start manifesting from a higher perspective and a higher timeline.

At the end, with the help of angelic healers, we will boost your creativity, self-confidence, open doors to new opportunities in your life and receive an infusion of abundance.

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