Solfeggio frequencies and Chakra Gifts




7 powerful activations to shift your energy and expand your chakra gifts with Sollfeggio frequencies and Sacred Geometry. Each activation contains an infustion of a Solfeggio frequency and anchoring of chakra gifts and installing higher consciousness programmes and a divine blueprint for each chakra.

These are brief activations 3-5 min. long that you can listen on the go to expand and release lower vibrations.


Chakra 1: Gift of connection, trust and resourcefulness
396 Hz – Liberation of lower vibrations and disconnection

Chakra 2: Gift of flow, creativity and fulfilment
417 Hz – Resolution to situations, facilitating change

Chakra 3: Gift of power, confidence and inspired action
528 Hz – Brings transformation, miracles and DNA repair

Chakra 4: Gift of love, playfulness and receiving
639 Hz – Expands love, relationships and connection to spiritual family

Chakra 5: Gift of truth, creativity and self-expression
741 Hz – Facilitates expression of your true self, expands your creativity

Chakra 6: Gift of clarity, inuition, imagination and inspiration
852 Hz – Awakens your intuition, return to spiritual order

Chakra 7: Gift of discernment, wisdom, divine guidance and spiritual connection
963 Hz – Connect with light and spirit, awaken divine blueprint

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