Soul Path Reading




Get clear on who you are at a soul level!

As our soul travels from a lifetime to a lifetime, its main focus is always on growth and particular lessons it wishes to learn. The soul energy is different than our personality 3D self, although we may all feel it on some level.

Soul Path reading is a live  session over Zoom based on intuitive Akashic reading done before the session and your astrological data that can help you understand the journey of your soul, the challenges you are facing, it can clarify the type of growth you are here to do, how aligned you are to your soul and what steps you can do to further your growth.

In your personalised  Akashic Soul Path  reading, you will learn:

  • How aligned you are to your soul
  • What your soul essence is and its primary types of energy
  • Archetypes your embody, both positive and negative
  • Karmic strengths and weaknesses
  • What tendencies to leave behind (and which are an echo from past lives)
  • What tendencies to adopt to uncover your highest path
  • What type of energy you need to help you grow and what attitudes to develop to align you more to your path right now
  • In what area of your life your soul is growing and the type of training your soul has chosen for this lifetime
  • What polarities you are to integrate for your highest expression
  • What your soul needs are: core fears, core desires, core motivation and core power
  • Life purpose and life lessons from the point of view of your soul
  • Your highest expression

The reading is done over Zoom, duration: 90 minutes.

After purchase, email me at your date of birth, hour of birth and place of birth, as well as email address where to send your recording.


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