Strengthen immunity and Covid treatment




The focus of this activation is to strengthen immunity and clear and dissolve energetically Covid or other virus in the body. In order to have physical immunity, we first have to have spiritual immunity.

The cause of many viruses, bacteria and parasites is at the energetic level and we cannot have an excellent physical immunity if we are prone to spiritual parasitism. Therefore, clearing spiritual blockages that enable energetic parasitism (implants, entites, atachments, discarnate spirits etc) is very important. When we are too prone to fears, fearing others, other people’s energies, anger, aggression or attack – then we are also prone to attack from the outside, both psychologically and energetically, and ultimately, this makes us weak at the physical level as well.

Therefore, this activation, in its first part, has 7 activations wrapped up for clearing spiritual parasitism (12D shield; clearing implants; clearing aura; clearing miasms; clearing electrosmog; physical detox and cellular clearing), while the second part refers to strengthening of physical immunity.

The activation ends with light language to clear any viruses and to raise your vibration above the frequency of virus and to fill your energy with more light.

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