Katarina Supicic

                      Energy Healer, Transformational Coach,  Spiritual Mentor

      Founder of  Your Divine Expansion

If you can tie your wordly goals with your personal, development and spiritual goals and make your spiritual growth a priority,

you can unleash your highest potential.


This has always been my motto. As a deeply sensitive empath, very early on in my life, I was painfully aware of the energies around me, especially negative ones. My focus has always been to deeply understand human psyche and what it takes to heal and transform it. I have embarked on the journey of personal transformation in my late twenties in a relentless search for my authentic self and it has become the central focus of my entire life, giving me a deeper meaning, direction and purpose in life.

After obtaining a BA diploma in English and French literatures, I worked in public services for eight years as a translator, then quit and decided to fully pursue my passion for personal and spiritual growth and development.

I have around twenty five years of experience in personal and spiritual development and have been continually expanding my consciousness, gifts, knowledge and skills over more than two decades by studying and exploring various metaphysical and spiritual subjects and disciplines, from astrology, psychology and psychotherapy to coaching, energy healing and Ascension teachings.

I have multiple life coach certifications as a Holistic Life Coach and Integrative Systemic Coach and have completed a 4-year training as a therapist of integrative psychotherapy (Centre for Integrative Development), a former European branch of Barbara Brennan Healing School.

I am also a certified practitioner of Quantum Energetic Disciplines – energy clearing techniques Quick Pulse,  Light wand and Advanced Light Wand (by Jo Dunning), a Bach flower therapy practitioner and a trained Master Voice dialogue facilitator (by Tim Kelley, Beth Scanzani and Lion Goodman).

I have also extensively studied and been certified in various other disciplines (astrology, numerology) and energy healing modalities and have mulitple certifications in healing, psychic development,  clairvoyance training and working with angels, ascended masters and galactic beings, channelling, light language, as well as in reading and healing in the Akashic records.

I am the Founder of Your Divine Expansion and a creator of my own series of signature courses: Your Divine Expansion – Quantum Resonance Course (Levels 1, 2 and 3), Quantum Pendulum Healing and others, as well as Teacher of Mayan Light Language and other Mayan lineage classes.

My mission:

My work is focused on consciousness growth and expansion, healing and growth, soul embodiment, as well as Ascension teachings. I work with sensitive creative women who are still struggling to fully embrace their power or embody their Divine Self and live their full divine potential.